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About The Intuitive Observer

This is an online publication, of intuitive observations, authored by individuals, based on their own personal perspective.

“We the people” believe we determine our own truth. You could say we are defining the future today as our own thought leaders, welcoming others to do the same. We invite your perspective and offer you an opportunity to be a superhero too, by sending your own post to be featured on I.O..

The intent in sharing personal stories and varied perspectives, is to redefine news and what it looks like.

Learning to care about ourselves and each other, versus sensationalizing fear, by collectively sharing what’s in our hearts not just our minds, is what we do through this collective blog publication. It’s our way of saying; we choose to do this together.

Writers give their take on life, news in the media and stories that personally intrigue or inspire them to grow and change.

Come join us and determine what’s true for YOU. The more perspectives… the better!