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We recognize individual thought and expression in our own Superhero fashion. We are individuals, authentic to who we are; a collective of dynamic thought leaders whose empathy, intuitive perspectives and personal knowledge create new thought. The Intuitive Observer recognizes the new media as individual thought from a caring collective… in the heart of the greater good of All.


   Welcome to a New Paradigm in News & Information, by citizens of planet earth, who value peace for humanity.

Creator and founder of the Intuitive Observer is Superhero Sis.  I am a  consultant, author and entrepreneur.  I connect, consult and catalyze; clients,  projects and organizations. Having learned firsthand that financial success is only surface success. Wealth today is “realized.” It’s a state of mind.  Like a personal trainer I help my clients become spiritually fit in todays world. Without inner peace there is never lasting happiness.  You can reach me through Sis Elliott facebook or Lightmeup facebook page for a free 15 minute discovery session. In the meantime, be inspired, read my book:  Light me up!


The Woman of Wonder is a health and wellness expert, who will teach you about your body, your energy and will provide holistic and holographic remedies that will bring you a renewed understanding and a sense of well being that you didn’t know was possible!  To learn more about her: www.onewisdom.org
Resides in Pittsburgh, PA.

Woman of Wonder

Tin Can Jim is an artist, actor and philosopher who excels in woodworking, pottery, writing, acting and painting (and playing with his grandchildren!)  His business is called Driftaway Art and his pieces are one of a kind crafts from benches, chairs, sculptures, as well as pottery and paintings of all kinds. He pulls the driftwood out of the ocean and carries it up 100 steep steps to his tin can trailer on the edge of a peak in Washington State overlooking the vast ocean. His work is as unique and diverse as his mind.
Resides in WA, State.

Tin Can Jim


Onto Man is a Linguist master and coach, who works with groups, communities and one on one, helping people to understand the impact of their words, how to develop new language around what they chose to create! Resides in Ventura, California.




Puff Puff is a retired publisher and a life long poet with a mind that will literally take you into the clouds and drop you from the sky. Raw, real and often raunchy Puff Puff the Magic Dragon heads into his late 70’s, sharing his twisted wit and far out perspectives on art and life. Resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Recently published his own book based on a copulation of his personal journey: HOLY MISERY, 2017.

Puff Puff~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shal-Om Shaman is an energy healer, life coach and wellness center owner who educates people one-on-one and in workshops supporting them to know themselves, their paths and their journeys to truth. Find her and her latest book at:  andreamichal.com/shop. 


Muck Raker is an artist, producer and editor who cares deeply about the world and puts his energy into producing documentaries and works of art that help heal and transform others. Resides in Sacramento, CA.

Muck Raker



Superhero “Global Earth Brother” revolves around the planet keeps us abreast and connected to communities around the world doing their part in creating a NEW PARADIGM here on earth.

Global D


Wandering Jaquar will be joining us soon…


Wandering Jaquar


                                                                            Guest Writers:

Rabbit Sage is a sex educator who honors the transition from childhood to adolescence and supports healthy sexual maturity. Her work offers puberty support combined with a Rite of Passage. She’s a guest writer from Bellingham, WA.

Rabbit Sage


A woman who stands for justice and equality for all and isn’t afraid to speak out about what she sees that’s not in alignment for the people.  Fluent in French, English and Italian.

Clari the Conqueror


The Happy Pilgrim is a life traveler, massage therapist, and spiritual teacher. Resides in Arizona.


Actress and millennial who makes no apologies for being real and true to who she is!  Resides in New York.
Guillotine Goddess

Dancing Deva is a life coach and author who shares her insights about relationships.