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Welcome! From Superhero Sis

Welcome to a collective of Thought Leaders: writers, authors, artists, speakers, practitioners, teachers and entrepreneurs who are here to create positive change in the world through: their words and the way they choose to live their lives.  The Intuitive Observer was created to catalyze a new way of relating in the world, through collaboration, personal story telling and speaking from a place of what each writer sees as TRUE for them.

I believe the most important job we have as humans on planet earth is to become Self Aware.  The old ways of patriarch and victimhood are coming to an end.  Those of us gathered here on The Intuitive Observer choose to create a new framework for humanity based on Peace and Balance for ALL.

We may point out things that aren’t working for humanity, or we may share personal stories about our own learning and the new discoveries, in walking from Victim to Creator and WHAT’s POSSIBLE NOW!  No matter what we share, you will see NEWS and INFORMATION that comes from heart and soul. It’s REAL and it reflects the new growing majority.

May we grow together, both writers and readers, in the heart of what we value and CHOOSE to create, as a new paradigm here on earth. What matters is our collective and collaborative participation. Change doesn’t have to be done through a mass movement, or by millions of people. The real work is always done by a small number of individuals, so watch out, we are mighty! That’s why we are superhero’s!

Welcome to our world. We invite any and all who choose Peace & Balance for All.  The human evolution is something to be a part of.  Join in! And lets evolve together!

Read on.

Much Love,
Superhero Sis & Team IO