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Welcome! From Superhero Sis

Welcome to a collective of writers, authors, artists, speakers, practitioners, teachers, citizens and entrepreneurs who care about creating positive change in the world.  The Intuitive Observer was created to catalyze a new way of relating in the world, through collaboration, personal story telling and speaking from a place of what each writer sees as TRUE for them. In a world where many truths simultaneously exist, there’s plenty of room for us all.

What we share in common is choosing to relate from our hearts. We are aware and supportive of our evolutionary change as humans. It’s important to see what change can look like, here at The Intuitive Observer, we’ll influence what’s possible by expanding our perspective through the voices of many.

Those who come to share at The Intuitive Observer choose to create a new framework for humanity based on expressing from the heart, and articulating with our minds what we see and sense.

Did you ever think NEWS could be honest and vulnerable, aware and okay with change?

We may point out things that aren’t working for humanity, or we may share personal stories about our own learning and new discoveries.  No matter what we share, you will see NEWS and INFORMATION that comes with feeling.

We are REAL and we reflect a growing majority.

May we grow together, as writers and readers, in the heart of what we value and CHOOSE to create; a collaborative participation.

Change doesn’t have to be done through a mass movement, or by millions of people. The real work is always done by a small number of individuals, who eventually become the majority! But please join us so that we may grow together!

The more readers and writer superhero’s… the better! Contact Super Hero Sis if you would like to submit a post.

Get on board with human evolution.  Join in!

Let’s evolve together! For the highest and greatest good of All.

Much Love,
Superhero Sis & Team IO